SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A woman was in the right place and the right time to capture dramatic footage of a cat narrowly escaping the jaws of two coyotes in midtown Sacramento.

Alyson Seconds says she was driving on C Street around 25th Street on Thursday when she thought she saw two dogs dart out into the road between some cars. She pulled over, and when she noticed they were coyotes, pulled out her phone to take pictures, she wrote on Facebook.

What happened next, resembles what you would see in a nature show. In the photos, you see a light-colored cat — clearly agitated — coming out from the side of some wooden stairs at the front of a home, with a coyote only feet behind. It scampers across the lawn, sidewalk, then up a nearby tree as another coyote waits nearby.

(credit: Alyson Seconds)

(credit: Alyson Seconds)

(credit: Alyson Seconds)

(credit: Alyson Seconds)

“I grabbed my phone and took just these 4 shots of them running and jumping up at a tree,” she wrote. “I didn’t realize at first that it was a house cat they were after until I looked at the pictures!”

Below is the full text of Seconds’ post:

Glen Galante is a wildlife photographer who focuses on coyotes. Galante works with non-profit Project Coyote and gives presentations around the Sacramento region about coexistence with urban wildlife, especially coyotes.

He says while they’ve always been around, there does seem to be more urban sightings and interaction with them. Galante says it’s not so much that the coyote population is growing, he blames it on what’s happening to their natural environment, forcing them into human environments and humans leaving food out that attracts them to neighborhoods.

“So I would say leash your dog, be aware of your surrounds and look around your neighborhood and see what’s attracting them. And know that coyotes are a really important part of the ecosystem. They are actually really helping us control urban rodents.”

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  1. Mr Howell says:

    In all of the years I lived in Sacramento, there has never been a report of coyotes anywhere in the central city.

  2. pkeyrich says:

    Does no one care to mention this as a public safety issue for humans as well?

    1. L-z01 says:

      It is but Sac can’t even see to it that the homeless are not languishing on the street in inhumane ways which is also a health hazard with feces etc everywhere. Coyotes in other cities attack and stalk humans especially the young. So don’t leave your kids or animals outside to play in their own backyards in the meantime. This used to NEVER happen here but as our riverbanks fill up with homeless the wildlife is being pushed out into the city. TOTAL mismanagement of Sacramento. Nobody cares and prefers to GASLIGHT and tell people how lucky we are to see dangerous coyotes setting up shop neighborhoods. Then proceed to say it is people leaving out pet food when fast food, restaurants and supermarkets have OPEN DUMPSTERS FILLED WITH FOOD LOL! 🤣

  3. Jennifer says:

    So you just took pictures instead of helping? hmmmm

  4. Hey Sac Bee! This video is from last Friday! These are the same two coyotes!

  5. L-z01 says:

    NEVER has this happened before in Sac even with all the building and construction in the surrounding area. WHY ARE THEY GASLIGHTING PEOPLE?? WAIT TILL A CHILD IS KILLED?! this is public safety issue. The coyotes are already stalking people!! I do know that the homeless have moved into AM. Riverbanks tents everywhere. This IS where the coyotes were located before, it was a rare sighting before all the tent cities along the banks etc. Time to do something about our tents cities they are pushing even wildlife out. Shelters stand empty as the insane and drug addicted refuse to go to them and stay. TOTALLY INHUMANE ON ALL ACCOUNTS. 😑

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