By Anna Giles

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Street racing, burnouts, and donuts all in the middle of a Lowe’s parking lot.

Dozens of cars were impounded after the illegal sideshows overnight. (Credit: Stockton Police Department)

Stockton Police broke up a huge illegal sideshow that put shoppers in danger Thursday evening.  Police said people have lost their lives participating in these illegal sideshows, which involve driving and racing that could get out of hand. Officers cracked down Thursday evening at Lowe’s, towing 24 cars and issuing 70 citations.

Dozens of cars filled the parking lot off of Interstate 5.

“It upsets me. It really does, it upsets me,” said Rosemary McFadden, who lives nearby.

The aftermath was very easy to spot the next day and very disturbing to some people.

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“I’m concerned about kids, children anything could cause them to go out of control. They could hit a pedestrian or a kid and that could be a catastrophe,” said Randy Lilly, a Lowe’s shopper who lives nearby.

Sideshows like this happen all over the Stockton area and beyond, but they don’t always end in success when it comes to enforcement. Last July, traffic on I-5 in Sacramento came to a standstill for a sideshow in the middle of rush hour traffic.

Several of the drivers were caught. Ultimately, people worry about a bad influence on their neighborhoods

“We don’t need that in our neighborhood at all. We have good hard working people and we don’t need that,” Lilly said.

Stockton Police said these sideshows are starting to decrease because of a strong presence from police in Stockton and sheriff’s deputies.

Stockton police have been urging residents to report illegal sideshows. If you see one happening, call (209) 946-0600.

  1. TreshaS. says:

    Police said…’starting to decrease because of a strong police presence…’ See the I-5 debaucle? Send a bunch of choppers in there to ensure ID & Jail time and there won’t be anymore, “starting to decrease…” They see NY & all these other “Protestors” getting away with clogging main arteries, and what should the nation expect other than increased “Circus Sideshows”

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