SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Senator and Democratic presidential nominee hopeful Bernie Sanders is out with a new video it takes aim at PG&E a few weeks before the California primary.

The three-minute video released on Sanders’ Youtube channel on Thursday features images of devastation from recent wildfires – including the 2017 Nuns Fire and 2018 Camp Fire – that are blamed on PG&E equipment.

Sanders does not speak in the video, but the clip appears to be endorsing California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s call to turn the utility into a publicly owned entity.

PG&E responded to the ad in a statement.

“We are committed to doing right by the communities impacted by wildfires, and to doing everything we can to reduce the risk of wildfires in the future,” PG&E wrote.

Early in February, a California state lawmaker introduced a bill that would turn PG&E into a public entity.


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