By Steve Large

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A Stockton man who was once arrested as a teen and sent to a juvenile detention center has now been accepted to Harvard Law School.

Harold Grigsby III, 22, received the acceptance letter in the mail on Tuesday.

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“Wow, this is crazy you know,” Grigsby said.

Grigsby grew up in Stockon’s Conway Homes Public Housing.

“I just think, whether it’s voluntary or involuntary, I know I represent a lot of people, and a lot of people like me,” Grigsby said.

Grigsby got in trouble with the law in high school, even spending time in a juvenile detention center, before he got what he calls “a second chance.”

“I think the biggest thing is that I got a second chance,” Grigsby said. “A lot of kids where I’m from don’t get to get.”

Speaking to CBS13 from Stockton’s Van Buskirk Park, Grigsby wore a shirt in memory of a childhood friend who was recently killed. Grigsby learned about the death as he was taking a law school entrance exam.

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“He was one of my closest friends growing up and he got murdered,” Grigsby said. “So I really went into that [test] heavy on my mind in my first LSAT. I would talk to him a lot about law school.”

One of Grigsby’s mentors is Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs. Grigsby interned at Stockton City Hall during his undergrad years.

“He was humble, he was punctual, and he took everything seriously,” Mayor Tubbs said.

Now, this Stockton native is ready to accept a Harvard Law School education.

“Intellect is universal,” Grigsby said “I just think resources aren’t.”

A journey from public housing, to one of the greatest educational institutions in the world. He promises to come back.

“I think the long-term goal ultimately is to come back to Stockton, help the community,” Grigsby said. “That’s what started me on this process. That’s how I want to end it as well.”

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Grigsby graduated from Edison High School in Stockton. He then went to Sacramento City College, before graduating from UCLS as an undergrad.