WEED (CBS13) – That’s no moon – or a space station, for that matter. A peculiar cloud caught on camera near Mount Shasta has people talking.

Last week, the Shasta-Trinity National Forest posted a photo that featured a large glowing orb set against the picturesque backdrop of Mt. Shasta.

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As it turns out, the orb was what’s known as a lenticular cloud – a stationary weather phenomenon that develops on the downwind side of mountains. Mt. Shasta commonly sees lenticular clouds during the winter, officials say.

Several other residents also got a shot of the UFO-shaped cloud.

The photo taken by Shasta-McCloud Management Unit Fire Officer Paul Zerr has gotten thousands of likes and shares as of Tuesday.

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  1. Chris M says:

    It looks like a….cloud.

  2. Larry Bean says:


  3. Bob J says:

    It’s my intergalactic vehicle. Got lost in space.
    Your planet a nice solar satellite to visit!

  4. It’s a lenticular cloud, very common near mountain tops.

  5. Bill E. says:

    That’s no moon….that’s yo mamma!

  6. Justanaveragejoe says:

    Scully and Mulder are on it. The Truth is Out There

  7. The string holding it up is the give away…

  8. joey racano says:

    Where do you think we got stealth technology?

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