By Anna Giles

SOLANO COUNTY (CBS13) — A Dixon man who was hit and severely hurt by a driver who ran a stop sign is sharing his story in hopes it will bring justice.

Mark Weesner survived more than two decades in the Air Force but almost lost his life on Monday at the intersection of Lewis and Holdener Road. Now he just wants the driver who did this to come clean.

“As I was rolling, or sliding, or whatever I was doing, all I kept thinking was ‘When is this car going to stop?’” Weesner said.

There’s not much left of Weesner’s truck, but his family is grateful he here’s to speak up for himself. His spine is fractured, eight ribs are broken, and there are ligament tears in his neck.

“It obviously could have been worse but I feel lucky to be here, especially after seeing the truck,” Weesner said.

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Weesner believes his car rolled several times with him inside.

“I don’t understand the lack of human decency. How can you just leave someone on the side of the road and not know if they’re alive or dead?” his daughter, Michelle Pokipala, said.

Pokipala has been circulating a photo of the car she said hit her dad. The driver who hit her dad apparently left the car at the scene. California Highway Patrol is investigating, but all they can say right now is that there had been no arrests yet.

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“Just come forward. Take responsibility. My dad’s worth it, he deserves better than the way he was treated,” Pokipala said.

Weesner is looking at months of physical therapy, but he is expected to recover. With a caring family by his side, Weesner has one message for the driver who hit him: “I just want to know why — I mean come on,” he said.


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