By Laura Haefeli

LIVE OAK (CBS13) — Bee farmers are outsmarting their enemies with an invisible technology.

Smart Water CSI is a mineral-based liquid that disappears on surfaces. It can only be seen by UV light and each tube has a formula unique to its user — like your own personal DNA.

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If a sheriff’s deputy shines a light on a piece of equipment and it’s marked with Smart Water CSI, they will know it’s stolen.

A director with Yuba Sutter Farming Bureau says farmers in both counties have started using invisible technology to brand the hives that belong to them.

She says Smart Water CSI is expanding across Northern California

  1. Anne Becker says:

    BS .. ANYTHING ‘SMART” is exactly the opposite..DANGEROUS !! so investigate who reports this and the $$$ kick backs they get from totally corrupt ! BIOweapons like 5 G radiation microwave towers , , wuhan flu , and smart meters , vaxxx is all to eliminate population . THANK gates and his crew . who own your media ,, you are creating a narcotic narrative that is a HUGE LIE .

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