STOCKTON (CBS13) — Five people were arrested after a probation search uncovered a dozen illegal firearms inside of a Stockton residence, authorities said.

The Stockton Police Department conducted a probation search Saturday afternoon at around 4 in the 6000 block of Palamino Court.

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Officers located twelve illegal guns during the search.

In the photo of the firearms shared by Stockton Police, a few handguns and various assault rifles can be seen.

“That’s disturbing. No one should have that many firearms, especially that type. We don’t need that in our neighborhood. I don’t want it in my neighborhood,” Danny Pullen said.

“I didn’t think my neighborhood would have something like that,” Dave Phem said.

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Stockton PD said five people were arrested — Sarin Vann, 37, Eric Navy, 30, Darrell Kho, 29, Diamond Kho, 18, and David Kho, 30 — for multiple weapons charges and gang enhancements.

Some are glad to see the illegal guns off of the street in their neighborhood.

“As much as I believe in gun rights and such, I absolutely believe in getting illegal guns out of the wrong hands,” Jason Van Alst said.

Some say they’ve lived here for half a decade; others more than 30 years.

They told us they never were suspecting anyone would aim to have this kind of firepower, illegally, on their block.

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“This neighborhood’s probably going to be looking s different way now. Hopefully, it’ll just get better or I hope anything like that doesn’t happen again,” Phem said.