By Anna Giles

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A man said he spent 27 days in the Sacramento County Jail without being charged or making a court appearance.

Taylor Brophy was arrested for DUI in March 2019, but claims in a lawsuit he was lost in the system for almost a month with no idea what was going on in his case. Brophy claims other inmates heard his case called by a judge, but Brophy was not there to answer.

“We don’t know all the facts yet, but from what we’re hearing first hand, it’s really scary,” Sacramento attorney Mark Reichel said about the case.

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Reichel said everyone, no matter the circumstance, is entitled to be seen and heard by a judge in a timely manner.

“Ordinarily in California, 99 percent of the time on a first time DUI, as soon as you’re sober enough, you’re out the door. They don’t have places to hold you so they do want you out of there,” Reichel said.

Brophy is suing Sacramento County for damages, claiming he “suffered financial loss, extreme emotional distress, mental anguish — and damage to his reputation.”

The lawsuit claims when Brophy was tested, his blood-alcohol level was not above the legal limit.

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The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, which runs the jails Brophy was held in, could not comment on pending court matters, but a spokesperson said charges other than the DUI were at play during Brophy’s time in jail. She said he may have owed time for a past conviction on unrelated charges.

“When you have a system this big, with this many people, that functions of this level at times chaos these types of things are going to happen,” Reichel said.

When Brophy was released, he claims he was given no reason or explanation of why he was kept in jail. His attorney could not be reached for comment Monday night.

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  1. Paul says:

    Brophy = A Good Irish name!

  2. FJohn says:

    Too bad he wasn’t in the US illegally.
    California would have just released him.

  3. jpattitude says:

    Sounds like someone in law enforcement has a grudge against him. In spite of what the spokesman said, this stuff doesn’t happen by accident.

  4. Jim Severns says:

    I’m 68. When I was 18 I got tossed in the Sacramento slam for hitchhiking. They lost me in the system for 2 weeks. Wish I knew then what I know now.

  5. Ford HiPo says:

    Governemnt incompetence knows no bounds

  6. Now, let’s see them do healthcare for all…

  7. Independent Thought says:

    Let’s see, Government makes a mistake and a person loses a 27 days and will be held accountable. Corporations make mistakes, people die and no one is held accountable. Think about Boeing, Takata, GM, Ford. Plus all the mistakes were people were not killed, Think Enron, the 2008 financial crisis, the Saving/Loan failure, etc.
    Government is not perfect, but there is more accountability than corporations

    1. Ryder says:

      LOL!!!! And people want government to run healthcare!!! Hilarious.

      And no… government regularly are NOT held accountable, where private industry is. Just think of all of the cops that shot unarmed men and walked… Nobody escapes “mistakes” like government does. Nobody. Ignorance about Enron (where people went to PRISON) is rather the opposite of not being held accountable. So much so, that saying so would have to be considered a bald-faced lie.

    2. JDB esq says:

      You forgot a BIGEEEE….Agent Orange, that has killed thousands of American Vietnam veterans, and is still killing them to this day.

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    ‘san diego’ in search returns 294 Censored YouTube videos:

  9. jabusse says:

    When you have a big system, these things happen. Yep. And when they do, the county should pay.

  10. Dan Austin says:

    People like to say that the US is not corrupt and not incompetent. People who say that are wrong.

  11. K. Chris C. says:

    When the criminals kidnap someone, it’s “losing” them in the system. When a mundane were to do the same, it would a crime.

  12. Larry Bean says:

    There is no excuse. I hope he get a million dollars.

  13. Larry Bean says:

    Law Enforcement people lie as much as the average man on the street to justify their incompetency. Remember that when you are on jury duty.

  14. Non Descript says:

    Probation hold?

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