SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A woman caught in the middle of an attempted armed robbery at a bank was saved by a man she didn’t even know.

She is now calling him her guardian angel.

Raqual Chavez-Cota said on Friday that she was inside a Chase bank located on the 7300 block of Stockton Boulevard in South Sacramento when another customer saved her from a man with a gun.

“I just heard a voice all of a sudden right behind me saying to move out of the way like, yelling at me and I actually thought it was a customer,” she said.

The Sacramento Police Department said they received reports just before 10 a.m. of a man with a gun inside the bank.

Chavez-Cota couldn’t believe what was going on. She said all she could think about was running away — then she said a man, out of nowhere, risked his own life when he charged at the suspect giving her just enough time to get away.

“The guy attacked the suspect,” she said. “I thought the gun was going to go off and he was actually going to shoot me because he was that close to me.”

Chavez-Cota’s mother added on by saying, “I just saw her come out crying and screaming and she goes, ‘Oh my God, oh my God.’ ”

Sacramento police said no one was seriously hurt. Chavez-Cota said she believes her now guardian angel is the reason why.

“I also thank God that he is okay,” she said. “It could have really turned out horrible, a horrible tragedy or I probably wouldn’t be here anymore.”

Police say the suspect didn’t get away with cash. They are still actively working to identify the suspect and the vehicle he took off in.


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