By Anna Giles

CARMICHAEL (CBS 13) — Detectives are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly stabbing spree inside a Carmichael wellness and recovery center on Friday.

Two people are dead and two others are hurt. Deputies said the suspect is in custody and knew all of his victims. The victims were stabbed inside a facility designed to help people get their life back together.

First responders arrived at a scene of complete chaos around 4 p.m. Friday.

“People were running, asking for help, pointing to where they thought victims were located and where the suspect was,” said Lacey Nelson, a spokesperson for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

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Nelson said the two people who were injured were taken to local hospitals. She estimates there were 20-30 people inside the wellness and recovery center at the time of the attack. Their families and friends showed up on the scene, desperate for information.

“It’s sad because this outcome didn’t have to happen. If the people here would not turn a blind eye to everything,” said Natalie Bell.

Bell has been seeking services for homelessness at the facility for the last two months.

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“I have mace in my back pocket at all given times,” she said.

Bell said she’s been worried about security for a while, and said the items people bring here are not checked by staff.

“The patients here are absolutely running over the staff. They just turn their head and have a blind eye as far as anything goes,” Bell said.

Detectives are still notifying family members of those who were killed.

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