ELK GROVE (CBS13) – A person in their 90s living at an assisted living facility in Elk Grove has become the third coronavirus patient to die in California – and the first in Sacramento County.

Officials say the resident at Carlton Senior Living had an underlying health condition and was treated at a local hospital. That person then passed away Tuesday evening, facility officials say.

The facility is now working with the public health department on isolating residents.

Group activities at the facility are being canceled and visitors are being restricted. Meals are also being delivered to residents to try and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The death comes as local health departments are now shifting their approach to fighting coronavirus to protect senior citizens.

The strategy now hinges on whether a person is showing symptoms, moving the focus from “contact tracing” – or identifying everyone a known coronavirus infected person had contact with – to protect the community.

Health leaders say this will free up public health resources to protect the sick and the elderly.

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  1. PJ John-Paul says:

    Now test kits are available, when one coronavirus case is identified in a nursing home facility, all (not just those with symptoms) residents, workers, and recent guests of that facility need to be tested for the virus, with those found infected quickly and completely isolated from those who are not. This is not rocket science, but the way decisions were made in Washington State, you would think it was. Please, do what makes sense to stop this where you know there has been confirmed exposure! And thank you for the improvements noted above that you are making.

    1. Bill G says:

      I am very close to someone who works there and believe me they are doing the very best they can do to protect their residents. But remember this is not a nursing home. It is these people’s home and they are free to come and go just like you and me. The employees deeply care about their residents and are stressed out beyond belief by all of this and are doing their best with what tools they have. Channel 13’s recent attacks on employees as they come and go from work is the most reprehensible behavior imaginable. I will never watch this disgusting news station again.

  2. PJ John-Paul says:

    Not enough information provided above regarding whether tests have been provided for all who work in and were exposed in the Carlton Living Center where the infected person had recently resided. Any others who are with or without symptoms need be quickly checked to assist with effective isolation of any others who have contracted the virus. Please let it be stopped in its tracks!

  3. Bill G says:

    Channel 13 is a disgusting news station that harassed employees of this facility to the point of making several of them cry. They repeatedly told the reporter they did not want to talk to her and she and her crew literally chased them through the parking lot asking them “how do you feel about that woman’s death?”…REALLY? How do they feel? I have a relative that works there and she is stressed to the max like all the employees and residents are about this virus. The last thing they need is to be asked how the feel or to be attacked as they come and go from work. They are very caring and love their residents and this stations reporters are making it all 1000 times worse!

    And to makes things even worse if you can imagine that they interview two men who have relatives there and who are both bad mouthing the facility. One man, Robert Luke, said he cares so deeply for his dead wife’s mother who lives there but he has not been there to visit her in 8 months! The other man named Cooke is a known trouble maker to the facility and is always causing issues so what either man says is garbage. The employees are deeply caring and love their residents and they are doing everything they can to keep them safe.

    Channel 13 should be ashamed and embarrassed for being blood thirsty vultures and spreading misinformation.

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