By Marissa Perlman

ELK GROVE (CBS13) – Isolation protocol in place at the Carlton Senior Living facility, after a woman in her 90’s died from complications related to coronavirus.

Officials say the resident had an underlying health condition and was treated at a local hospital .

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“We have basically a cruise ship on land,” said Robert Luke.

He’s worried about his mother-in-law in her 90’s living at the facility.

“My biggest worry is no one is stepping up. No one is stepping up to say, ‘we are going to learn from what happened in Kirkland, Washington,'” Luke said.

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In Washington, 19 residents of a care center died, after a virus outbreak. Luke says the facility’s isolation protocol may not be enough.

“They are not taking every step to contain as well as discover who is carrying the virus,” he said.

Now, group activities are being canceled. Visitors are being restricted. Meals are being delivered to try to prevent the spread. But, no one is being tested unless they show symptoms, and no one is being told they can’t enter or leave.

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“They did say they can’t legally keep a resident in if they want to stay out,” Luke said.

Bob Sutherland,  95, has lived at the Carlton for six years.

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“They advised me not to [leave], but they’re not locking me in,” said Bob Sutherland. “I’m careful.”

He says the virus isn’t a big deal even though he knew the neighbor who died from the virus just one day before. He says the protocol that is currently in place is just like how his facility deals with the flu.

“We’ve been through the flu here three times,” he said. “I’m not going to be worried about it. If it comes, it comes.”

But its the lack of restrictions, and testing, that worries Luke.

“We are sitting on inaction which could create a community situation. Especially because they’re not restricting the residents exiting and going to visit other people,” he said.

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The death comes as local health departments are now shifting their approach to fighting coronavirus to protect senior citizens.