by George Warren

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento slumlord who for years made life miserable for neighbors, code enforcement officers and anyone else who crossed him drew a 12-year prison sentence Friday.

Raghvendra “Raj” Singh, 57, has a long history of bad behavior including frivolous lawsuits, illegal marijuana cultivation, unpaid taxes and a fire at a boarded-up house that killed a woman who was paying him rent. But what is ultimately sending him to prison is a 16-count felony conviction last month for forgery, fraud and conspiracy involving a nuisance house in Elk Grove and a 90-million dollar lawsuit he filed against the neighborhood watch captain who tried to call him on it.

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Nate Champion choked up in court as he recounted the tremendous strain on his family caused by the three-year battle with Singh. Champion is a helicopter pilot with the California Army National Guard and said a stress-related medical condition had grounded him.

Singh sat passively during Champion’s victim impact statement and made no attempt at expressing remorse or offering an apology when given the chance by Judge Michael Sweet. Champion is entitled to restitution for his time and expenses but said he doesn’t ever expect to see any money from Singh.

“(12 years) is probably the most the judge can give him,” Champion said after the hearing. “I still wish there was more.”

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Sacramento County Deputy District Attorney Leslie Kolb works in the community prosecution unit which deals with quality-of-life crimes– and chose to take on the Singh case after discussions with people who’d had unhappy encounters with Singh.

“I just kept hearing from all our community partners about this ‘Raj Singh’ guy and how he was doing all of these really bad things,” she said.

As it turns out the Singh case is the veteran prosecutor’s last before her retirement at the end of this month.

“And I can’t imagine retiring on a better note than sending Mr. Singh to prison for 12 years,” she said with a smile. “Justice has been done.”

Singh’s wife, Kiran Rawat, will be sentenced March 24 to 60 days in jail for her role in the fraud. The plea bargain requires her to surrender all of the couple’s properties in Sacramento, El Dorado and Placer Counties to a court-appointed receiver, who will then try to sell them to recover at least some of the money the Singhs owe.

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An official schedule of properties is pending, but CBS13 has independently compiled a list of more than two dozen properties that might be included:

Address County ZIP Code Owner Name APN
El Dorado 95684 SINGH RAG/SINGH KRISHNA 040-070-020-000
El Dorado 95726 RAWAT KIRAN/KISHAN J R 042-440-031-000
3221 Yearling Trail El Dorado 95667 RAWAT KIRAN 046-570-002-000
1620 Broadway El Dorado 95667 KRISHNA TRUST 049-170-010-000
1616 Broadway El Dorado 95667 KRISHNA TRUST 049-170-011-000
9960 Rock Creek Rd El Dorado 95667 RAWAT KIRAN/RAWAT SITARAM 084-020-028-000
El Dorado 95667 RAM1 TRUST 089-020-005-000
El Dorado 95667 RAWAT KIRAN/RAWAT RAM S 089-130-011-000
El Dorado 95623 SITA II TRUST 092-370-005-000
El Dorado 95619 RAWAT KIRAN & KRISHAN H 2007 TR 098-080-061-000
El Dorado 95667 RAWAT KIRAN/KISHAN J R 325-120-006-000
Placer 95661 RAWAT KIRAN 014-293-018-000
Placer 95677 RAWAT KIRAN 045-090-035-000
4500 Ivy Ln Placer 95677 RAWAT KIRAN 045-190-008-000
4510 Stockton Blvd Sacramento 95820 RAMKRISHNA 020-0253-007-0000
4929 Baker Ave Sacramento 95820 RAMKRISHNA 020-0313-026-0000
5744 Nina Way Sacramento 95824 SITA RAM 026-0251-007-0000
3534 51st Ave Sacramento 95823 SITA RAM 036-0230-004-0000
63rd St Sacramento 95824 KRISHNA 038-0182-005-0000
63rd St Sacramento 95824 KRISHNA 038-0182-010-0000
6301 63rd St Sacramento 95824 KRISHNA 038-0202-001-0000
6451 Elder Creek Rd Sacramento 95824 KRISHNA 038-0210-065-0000
7749 Rose Petal Way Sacramento 95828 RAWAT KIRAN 115-1030-071-0000
7809 Cotton Ln Sacramento 95758 SITARAM TRUST 117-0182-012-0000
7801 Cotton Ln Sacramento 95758 SITARAM TRUST 117-0182-013-0000
743 M St Sacramento 95673 SITARAM IRREVOCABLE TRUST 2007 206-0184-016-0000
2740 Crosby Way Sacramento 95815 RAWAT KIRAN 266-0272-031-0000
2750 Crosby Way Sacramento 95815 RAWAT KIRAN 266-0272-032-0000
6136 Demonte Way Sacramento 95757 RAWAT KIRAN 132-1180-017-0000