DAVIS (CBS13) — Davis has become the next city to advise its residents to shelter in place over coronavirus concerns.

On Monday, six Bay Area counties – Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco – were advised to “shelter in place” until early April.

Later, while not being named in the advisory, the city of Manteca also announced they were recommending residents to shelter in place.

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Tuesday, City of Davis officials followed suit and announced they were now advising their residents to practice social distancing and to shelter in place.

“This is a challenging time for us all, and we are asking residents to look out for their neighbors by practicing social distancing,” said Mayor Brett Lee in a release announcing the advisory.

The recommendation means that people should try to only leave their homes for essential activities, like going to the grocery store or doctor’s appointments.

Davis restaurants are not being asked to close. City officials are encouraging residents to support local businesses if they are able to.

As of Tuesday, officials say there have been three confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Yolo County. The latest numbers from state health officials show more than 470 confirmed coronavirus cases in California as a whole as of Tuesday.

It’s unclear how long the shelter-in-place directive will be in effect for in Davis.

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  1. Terra says:

    Why not Sacramento?

  2. B Hernandez says:

    great question i wonder the same thing yolo only has 3 cases sac has 33

  3. Honey C. says:

    The problem with not REQUIRING (versus recommending) a city/county to shelter in place is that it places guilt on employees who’d prefer to work from home but feel like they’re not a “team player” if they ask to do so.

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