SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Whether you’ve got a three-year-old or an 18-year-old, there’s a wealth of online educational activities to keep them busy, entertained.

For younger children, PBS kids provides a great online resource for fun, quasi-educational videos and games. Visit the website or download the separate apps for hours of guilt-free content.

Kick up the educational element a bit with popular online sites like It boasts over 9,000 different activities for kids aged two to eight. A 30-day trial comes free.

Nurture a love of reading with the app and website Raz Kids. Students can find their specific reading level and all sorts of content to suit their interests.

Prodigy Math keeps math fun with games based on school curriculum from the first through the eighth grades. The content is personalized to your student’s strengths and weaknesses and a basic account is completely free.

The free online Khan Academy aims to help educate kids, aged four through 18. There are online video tutorials for the older set and playful apps for the little kids. Search the free content by grade or by subject matter and even use the tools to study for tests like the SAT.

Finally, kids of all ages will love taking a break by listening to celebrities read their favorite storybooks out loud. Go to YouTube and search “Story Time Online.”

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