By Laura Haefeli

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Nurses and doctors across California are risking their own lives to save others and what they’re asking for in return is simple: help.

Governor Gavin Newsom took to social media Wednesday afternoon to call on agencies like FEMA to provide more resources to medical staff.

Face masks, goggles, and protective gear are needed for the nurses, doctors, and medical staff on the front lines.

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“We want to protect our patients, we want to protect our children, but we don’t have the support. We don’t have the means. We don’t have the resources, and so this is our plea for help,” Dr. Hala Sabry, an emergency medicine physician in Southern California, said.

Governor Newsom claimed some California hospitals have been relying on the L.A. garment district for face masks and swim goggles for protection.

The Governor did add the state has obtained two large hospitals that will be brought into use but no time frame as to when they’ll be ready.


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