SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – As panicked shoppers clear out store shelves, Raley’s is getting a major security boost at local grocery stores.

The company is now posting off-duty sheriff’s deputies outside of some markets.

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The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office says this could be the norm for the next two weeks. A sheriff’s office spokesperson said the move was an effort by Raley’s to increase security.

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Many local stores are now implementing “senior only” hours to ensure folks can get the supplies they need.

Stores joining in this practice are Dollar General which devotes the first hour every day to seniors, and Target, which is open early each Wednesday for seniors to get their essentials. A lot of stores have even gone so far as to ration supplies like hand sanitizer and wipes. Oner, a retiree turned artist, is trying to paint a positive picture moving forward when it comes to her new routine and this new normal.e

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