By Anna Giles

SACRAMENTO (CBS 13) — Drive-thru testing for coronavirus is expected to start in Sacramento County on Tuesday.

This is the work of a private company, Verily, that wants to rapidly expand testing in Northern California.

This drive-thru testing is going to be one of the most accessible in our area. It will not require a doctor’s note, just that you fill out a form about symptoms online. The company said they are focused on testing those most at risk.

Currently, the lack of testing for the virus is a problem nationwide. Verily’s goal is to have results within days.

Maguire said the tests could serve more than a practical purpose, they would also give people peace of mind.

So how do you get the test?

  • Go to
  • Create an account
  • Take a screener test, sharing information about your health and symptoms.
  • Based on the Department of Health and CDC guidelines, the screener will determine if you are at risk and need a test.

The company says the test is free as long as you qualify. You’ll be given the location of a test site and your results will be emailed to you.

CBS13 spoke to a UC Davis doctor who said it can be challenging for doctors to get private labs to test the people truly most at risk, people with underlying conditions or in nursing homes.

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A spokesperson for Verily said the company is focused on high-risk patients. That also helps with crowd control as these drive-thru locations get started.

Similar drive-thru testing has been going on in Yuba and Sutter counties, but those sites required a doctor’s note.

Verily is looking to expand testing but wouldn’t tell CBS13 the number of tests available in Sacramento County right now. They will share information on positive test results with the county public health department.

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