By Rachel Wulff

CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — Shoppers are searching for masks to protect themselves against COVID-19 and they found some in an unexpected place: discount store Falling Prices.

“Just have patience,” said a security guard as he manned the back door.

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They lined up outside the Falling Prices store in Carmichael standing six feet apart, to maintain social distancing. We asked them if they were worried about their health as they waited for the doors to open.

“No I have my mask, I have my wipes and gloves,” said Charlene Wright.

Some were in protective wear while others were looking for it. Falling prices had gloves and N-95 masks on Tuesday morning.

“It just happened to be that way. We happened to get masks and are trying to get them to our customers as quickly as possible,” said Michael Pizarro, a spokesperson for the company.

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But just as soon as the first 75 customers were allowed in, the masks were snatched out of the bins. So will they be getting more?

“I am not exactly sure what’s on that manifest, so we could be getting more, I know we have been working to get more trucks like that,” said Pizarro.

The discount store is known for its appointment-based app and is now making changes at one of their three Sacramento locations. The Arden store typically sells clothing but as of Tuesday, a store representative says they opened it up to more grocery store items to fill a growing need.

They are selling toilet paper, cleaning supplies, food, and even pet food. People are lining up to fill up their carts.

“It’s hard, really hard for everybody right now,” said a registered nurse who was in line. She said she was shopping for two families.

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As customers and businesses try to navigate a world amidst the coronavirus pandemic, federal and state authorities say N95 masks are in short supply, so they are asking businesses to donate them.