By Marlee Ginter

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s a frightening reality of everyone sheltering in place because of COVID-19, victims are now forced to stay inside with their abusers.

That’s why Donna Brown is still going to work. It’s been clear by the ringing phones, that some need her now more than ever.

”Right now as we speak, one in five women are being assaulted, right here in Sacramento County,” said Brown. “It puts most of the abusers in the home with the family more frequently than usual.”

After enduring an abusive environment for 11 years, Brown is a survivor-turned-saver working at A Community For Peace to help other victims break the cycle. In the last couple of weeks, she’s answered an overwhelming number of domestic violence calls.

“Abusers that are maybe not going to work or the victims aren’t going to work and the children are home, or there’s a loss of income so it’s just a pressure cooking the environment that they’re in,” said Incoming Executive Director Laura Clegg.

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Adding to the pressure, CBS13 called several resources victims depend on and some are stretched thin with workers answering calls from home while others are not open at all. The Victims of Crime Resource Center in Sacramento has seen a 40% increase in domestic violence calls sine the stay at home order began.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline posted unbelievable scare tactics abusers are using. Some may withhold hand sanitizer or even threaten to cancel the insurance to control their victims. One caller said they were being physically abused, accused of trying to infect their abuser with COVID-19.

“Imagine being on the front line with nowhere to go, no one to turn to, but you have to stay right there, knowing that you’re going to be attacked at any moment,” said Brown.

Brown comes into work every day because it isn’t just a job, she knows firsthand, it’s a lifeline.

Victim advocates say now is the time for neighbors to step up and look for any signs of stress or abuse next door.

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Comments (11)
  1. Bob Hill says:

    Really, one out of five women are being abused in Sac county.I find that hard to believe Where do you get those statistics from. If that is true it puts a grim outlook on society.

    1. CommonCents says:

      Raising your voice or ‘yelling’ at a woman is considered ‘abuse’ in many states… seriously.

  2. Get Ready says:

    Any numbers on how many men are being abused?

    1. Hilly Bays says:

      No one cares when its men being abused, or put in prison for false accusations for that matter.

  3. Dylan York says:

    20% of women are at home being beaten right now, really?. No one believes you, liar.

  4. AJ Butler says:

    The liberal definition of “abuse” is completely fake. It only includes harm by men toward women, and ignores women harming men, or excuses it. In fact, many, many women abuse men, terribly, and liberals continually ignore this or even cheer it.

    Conversely, when men do abuse women (which of course does happen), it’s never handled properly, and the situation is never fixed, because the women are never held accountable for their role in the problem. Instead the women are excused of all responsibility and the discover there’s huge power in being a “victim” — free food, money, support etc.

    So they seek out being “victims” again, which is why we’ll find women with decades of “abusive relationships” continually seeking help. It’s a free ride through life — just constantly be a victim.

  5. Anna says:

    “One in five women are abused” – seriously!?!That’s ridiculous. I’m guessing that statistic was pulled right out of the author’s…

  6. Mark Augustus says:

    Ask the woman, Erin Pizzey, who founded the world fist domestic violence shelter about who initiates the majority of DV (hint, it’s not men). She was kicked out of the organization she founded and forced to flee England when she received death threats when she spoke out against the popular mantra of ‘All women are victims’. She was dropped by her book publisher because what she was stating wasn’t something they wanted published.

  7. Unknown Person says:

    American women lie, cheat, steal, ignore facts, raise lower class children and are lazy. Yet, raise your voice and that is abuse. Go figure.

    1. Hilly Bays says:

      Yet we let them vote.

  8. Haven says:

    Thank you, Governor Newsome, for creating the perfect storm for increased domestic violence, child abuse, economic crisis, and civil discord. You hide behind big spending bills that funnel millions of dollars to anti-domestic violence “partners” and yet, your own tax-payer funded public phone line goes straight to voicemail. Let us all stop squabbling amongst ourselves and expose the biggest contributor of recent rising crime, unemployment, homelessness, human trafficking, domestic abuse, and theft of the right to defend ourselves, whether man, woman, or child. I am not surprised at all that domestic violence has skyrocketed. It was the perfect storm, thanks to the governor’s short-sighted, selfish judgement.

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