By Anna Giles

SACRAMENTO (CBS 13) — Coronavirus is changing the way people get help when their car breaks down.

Tow truck drivers are out on the roads helping others but they must take new steps to protect themselves.

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“It is very different because before we would get out of our trucks, handshake, you know, what’s wrong with the vehicle, can we do anything to fix it,” said Abdullah Taimori with AJ’s towing.

Taimori is a tow truck driver and said people in distress are told in advance: you must social distance.

“Call the customer. When you arrive on scene, let them know to step six feet away from the vehicle,” he said.

Taimori is not allowed to give people rides in his truck for protection. He’s had to explain that to frustrated customers, who eventually understand.

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“I have family at home so I don’t want to bring something to them while everybody’s doing their part and staying home,” he said.

Even with protective gear like hand sanitizer and gloves, it’s impossible for Taimori to avoid all contact. He still has to share space with strangers.

“Those people that are broken down in their cars, are people that sat in their cars. So we have to sit in the vehicle to put it in neutral or turn the steering wheel,” he said.

Taimori said he has to be on the road but he’s asking those who don’t to please respect the shelter in place.

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“Every single one of us do our part, stay home when you can don’t be out on the road,” he said.