By Renée Santos

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Expecting moms are making tough decisions right now. Some are choosing to change their birthing plans while others are making adjustments.

“This is her at 20 weeks, which was a long time ago, she’s a lot bigger now,” said Hilary Glenn Bertoniere as she showed an ultrasound photo.

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Hilary is getting ready to meet her baby girl for the first time. The hospital where she will be having her baby isn’t allowing visitors. Her husband can be with her, but he worries that could change.

“He’s really concerned about making sure that he is in the room,” she explained.

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Right now, some hospitals across the state aren’t even allowing spouses inside delivery rooms.

The changes in safety protocols inside hospitals are not only affecting moms-to-be, but also doulas. Amy Moy with River Bend Birth Services is supporting moms virtually but some are still canceling.

“About 30% of them have chosen to decline virtual services,” she explained.

But, she is anticipating new clients.

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“I am ready and it’s a matter helping them to understand that virtual support is still support,” she said.

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For mothers staying the course of delivering inside a hospital, doctors say they can expect to see a lot of social distancing and protective gear.

“The check-in process may be a little different. There will be screenings that happen at the check-in,” said Dr. Lisa Hollier.

Dr. Hollier says there may be screening questions before even heading to the hospital.

Mom-to-be Hilary is staying positive about her delivery in June.

“So as long as everything stays kind of how it has been so far in California, I think we will be okay,” she said.

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Doctors recommend checking in with your provider to see if policies have changed.  They also say don’t miss prenatal visits even if they are done virtually.