ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — The produce aisles of Denio’s Farmers Market in Roseville look at little different these days.

In fact, those are the only aisles customers can shop at all while social distancing.

“We have signage up that asks the customers ‘do not touch what you don’t buy.’ They’ve done really well with coming out trying to stay that six feet away from each other,” Adrian Acosta, assistant operations manager at Denio’s, said.

The market is also open seven days a week to cut down on large crowds. They’ve also set up hand sanitizer stations and make vendors wear gloves.

The owner of Jacobo Farms, Jesus Jacobo, said people at the market have been following the new rules.

“We explain to the customers and the customers are agreeing with us. So they are doing very great and they are very grateful,” Jacobo said.

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The Davis Farmers Market said they too have put in social distancing guidelines for customers and vendors. They’re advising customers to essentially get in and get out when it comes to shopping on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The co-owner of Fiery Ginger Farms, Hope Sippola, said they’ve made their own changes to sell their lettuce at the Davis market.

“We harvested a little bit of everything, put it in one box for one value. So, people who come by, your only option to purchase from us is by the one grab-and-go box,” Sippola said. “But it minimizes handling and its safer for us and our customers.”

The farmers said some fear is creeping into their minds. Los Angeles recently shut down its Farmers Markets due to social distancing concerns. Local farmers said it would cripple them if the same happened in the Sacramento area.

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“We’d have to cut, let’s say, 100% of we want to use; we’d only use 10% of the laborers,” Jacobo said.

“We really wouldn’t have anything, anywhere for all of those market items to go. They’re very specific to farmers markets,” Sippola said.

As each day brings a new challenge with this virus, the focus for farmers and markets during the crisis remains the same.

“It definitely a concern. But right now we are focusing on being able to provide what we can to all of those families,” Acosta said.


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