(CBS 13)- The NBA season is on “hiatus” until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. The league itself has seen several of its players test positive and be cleared of the virus. But, with the national stay at home guidelines being extended through the end of this month, it looks like it may be awhile before we see any basketball action.

So, for the time being, players are very much in the same spot as the rest of us. Finding ways to kill time inside while also staying in shape. For Sacramento Kings and Stockton Kings guard Kyle Guy, that means a lot of movies and board games.

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“I’m reading, watching movies, and my wife and I are playing a lot of board games,” said Guy. “Anything that we can do to pass the time.”

Among the movies he has checked out recently? Honey Boy with Shia Labouef, JoJo Rabbit, which Guy says may be his “favorite movie ever”, and the Oscar winner for best picture, Parasite.

He was in the midst of a strong season for the Stockton Kings, appearing in 37 games (starting 29) and averaging 21.5 points, 4.8 assists and 3.4 rebounds per game. Add in 40% shooting from beyond the arc on nearly 10 attempts per game and there’s strong indications that he can be an impact player for the Kings at some point down the line. So, it was tough for him to watch the season get paused when it did, though he applauds the NBA for their handling of the current crisis.

“I think they all need a round of applause because they have done a lot to keep us informed and make sure that we’re up to date just like they are,” said Guy. “Once one of the players got it, they made the right call to suspend it at least to figure out what was going on and then to suspend it indefinitely. I think they’re doing it the right way, and a lot of leagues followed suit because we were the first ones to act. That’s usually how it happens because the NBA is a well put together organization and usually whatever we do, other leagues follow suit because they’re so good at what they do.”

Guy, who lives in Sacramento with his wife and two dogs, says that while his wife is working during the day, he will usually take the dogs out for a long walk to get some time outside. As for staying in shape, while difficult, he has found ways to at least maintain something close to basketball fitness.

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“For me, the strength coach still stays in touch with us and we have a program that we follow and they’re lending us bands and everything they can,” said Guy. “On top of that, me and a couple of my G-League teammates picked up football so we have been working out on an empty soccer field just running routes and we do that for an hour and it ends up being two miles. Really it’s anything. Even a long walk with the dogs, I’ll run around with them at the dog park just anything to keep the blood flowing and stay in the best shape possible.”

The bond with his G-League teammates extends off the field as well, with text chains and a 2K League which allows them to play basketball at least in a virtual form.

“We talk a lot. We started a 2K league, which if we can’t play in real life, might as well play in the virtual world,” said Guy. “There isn’t really a chance for us to get together so most of it is just over the phone texting.

At some point, of course, Guy is hoping to have basketball back. When that happens, he has a couple of goals.

“This year, I knew was going to be a frustrating year for me because I knew I was going to be in the G-League for awhile. And, anytime you’re in the NBA but people don’t view you like you are, it’s an uphill battle,” said Guy. “But I was excited for the challenge. I felt like, my role this year was to be the best teammate. Try to get myself better, try to make everybody better and make the most of any opportunity that comes in the NBA.”

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“I played in three games for about four minutes total but I feel like I still made the most of those moments,” continued Guy. “And in practices I think the coaches saw what I bring to the table.”