SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento church is firing back after health officials said it’s members have defied the stay home order, resulting in 71 of them testing positive for coronavirus.

As CBS13 reported Thursday,  the Sacramento County Health Department said members of the Bethany Slavic Missionary Church continued to meet in small groups despite the stay home order.

The church sent us a long statement, saying reports in the media were inaccurate and that it didn’t condone any in-person gatherings outside of the church. The statement also accuses the media of inviting hatred and violence against the church community.

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The statement reads in part: “These reports are believed to be inaccurate and falsely place emphasis on this church. The church did not condone any church-related in-person gatherings… media repetition of such unfounded representations invite ridicule, hatred and violence…”

In response, the Sacramento County health department is doubling down on its initial statement, claiming multiple sources have told them church members continue to meet in homes. The department also said in no way does it condone hatred or violence.

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  1. manu says:

    C’mon, learn how to use it’s and its.

  2. James Andrews says:

    Blame the Christians. We always need someone to blame for everything that goes wrong so let’s pick them. Suspend the Constitution that every elected leader swore to uphold and defend because the leaders got scared. Everything is OK to do because a doctor said it was

    1. XYZ says:

      You’re a bit late to the blame game. Everyone’s correctly blaming the Chinese Communist Party, and if these idiotic bible-thumpers had half a brain, they’d be the first to warn their “fellow men” these commie pinkos are killing us, and to please obey social distancing. See now, how easy it is to use logic and reason.

  3. Kerry Barlow says:

    Is it that hard for people to care for their fellow man? Since when did sensible orders during an emergency constitute persecution? Persecution is when one group is treated differently than another. If I can handle being shut up for the last three weeks, so can everyone else. I’d just like to get through this without losing any of my friends and family because inconsiderate people think they have more rights than the rest of us.

  4. Anne T Nuch says:

    Aren’t the Darwin Awards coming up soon?

    1. XYZ says:

      LOL! Exactly, as these are the ppl who say if it isn’t in their bible they don’t have to listen. Word for word. They’ll come right up to you, in local grocery stores, ignoring social distancing and when asked to stand back, they’ll argue.

  5. XYZ says:

    They can drench each other w/their virus filled miasma – but when they take to the grocery stores that’s when the State steps in and declares martial law. But…why let a few six-toed hill billies spoil things for the rest of us who know how to behave, oh for the good old days when a bunch of torch-bearing civilians taught idiots like these a lesson.

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