By Anna Giles

SACRAMENTO (CBS 13) — Nearly two million people in California have filed for unemployment. Those looking to land a career somewhere else might have the perfect opportunity.

Sacramento consultant Michelle Allen describes shelter in place as the perfect time to take the exams that could land you a long-term state job. She wants those in need to know, the state is still hiring.

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“There are jobs out there for the state of California. The range is huge. You don’t have to have a college degree,” Allen said.

Allen says the skills you’ve learned in your previous job might easily transfer. She said there are roughly 3,000 state jobs available in our area right now.

The top three jobs that account for hundreds of openings are office technician, staff services analyst and associate governmental programs analyst.

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Office technician requires just 2 years of clerical experience.

“My state friends are going back to their jobs. They have them. If they are being asked to stay home, they’re still getting a paycheck,” she said.

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Allen said the Employment Development Department (EDD), which processes unemployment claims, had to hire roughly 800 new workers to keep up with demand.

She said after 30 days employed with the state, health insurance kicks in.

The process to apply involves registering online, then taking exams in job fields where your skills apply. You must pass before applying for the job officially.

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Allen said the shelter-in-place order opens up time for people to get through all this.

“This is the time, why not put in all the time you have right now to a positive end,” she said.

Another job option is applying to the Sacramento Police Department. The department is still hiring right now and told CBS13 “many of the job skills required in the service industry are the same skills they look for in potential employees.”

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According to the department’s website, they’re looking for police and dispatcher recruits.