SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — With the stress of the coronavirus crisis weighing on everyone, Gov. Gavin Newsom urged Californians to also take care of their mental health.

“Staying at home doesn’t mean you’re alone,” Newsom said.

Newsom announced at his daily press conference on Tuesday that California’s surgeon general has put together a playbook for adults, children and caregivers that will list the resources available for people to help deal with stress.

“Our children are most vulnerable,” Newsom said, noting how they cannot communicate as effectively as adults.

To help Californians deal with the stress of the coronavirus crisis, the governor highlighted 16 hotlines that are available for people to talk.

The resources include phone and text chat lines.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of by recognizing your own limitations in terms of the stress and angst that you may feel,” Newsom said.

California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris urged people to stay in contact with family – and get enough sleep.

“Safe, stable and nurturing relationships help to protect our brains and bodies from the harmful effects of stress and adversity,” Dr. Burke Harris said.

Dr. Burke Harris noted how people who have a history of trauma are at-risk.

Newsom said he was encouraged by how California’s efforts to flatten the curve of coronavirus patients seems to be working – but he cautioned the surge is still expected.

“It is bending but it’s also stretching,” Newsom said.

A list of resources to help deal with stress can be found on California’s coronavirus updates webpage at


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