By Heather Janssen

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Already busy grocery stores saw some extra foot traffic on Saturday with people grabbing their last-minute meals ahead of a vastly different Easter holiday during this coronavirus pandemic.

A holiday that Governor Gavin Newsom has pleaded for people to celebrate in the comfort of their home with those in their immediate household.

But people like are Sloan Coleman still trying to make the best of their Easter, one much more intimate than usual.

“If it’s a smaller dinner, it’s just us,” Coleman said. “That’s all that matters is it’s just us and we celebrate the day how we’re going to celebrate it this year.”

Getting all the fixings for that small dinner proved to be more difficult. Likely since it’s during a time when grocery stores are one of the few places people can go.

“We were in here last week and it had built back up,” Colemaid said. “Now the can aisle is starting to look bare again.”

That seems to be the case at several grocery stores in the region. Chari Richmond picked up grocery delivery gigs to make some quick cash and found it’s hard work finding what people ask for.

“They hardly have anything that you need and the lines are all the way to the back of the store,” Richmond said.

Still, she’s grateful to be able to get people their holiday meals safely during the pandemic.

“It’s really nice knowing you can bring some type of normalcy to all this craziness right now,” Richmond said.

Kellie Ormond feels that way, too.

“Trying to make it semi normal this year,” Ormond said.

Ormond chose to pick up her meal from Honeybaked Ham. It’s something many people are turning to. The store allows people to pick up their meal without leaving their car and head right back home.

Ormond, who is a respiratory therapist, said that’s the right move and hopes others follow the same distancing rules.

“Please stay home,” she said.

Some grocery stores are closing for the Easter holiday. Target, Trader Joe’s, Nugget Markets and Sprouts will all close their doors for the day, and give their employees a chance to recoup and spend the holiday at home.

Heather Janssen