By Heather Janssen

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Even amid the coronavirus crisis, Saturday was a busy day for golf courses across Sacramento County, like Haggins Oaks. The parking lot was packed with cars as golfers hit the green, but not everyone was happy about their decision.

The sound of a good swing paired with some sunshine makes a good mix for golfers like Tom Crook and Alisha Griffin-Crook. Both went to Haggin Oaks searching for something to do and stay active in the era of coronavirus and social distancing.

“It’s pretty much it other than walking,” Tom said. Their concern for health still high with this pandemic, but they say there are enough distancing protocols to feel safe.

“I personally am very concerned about being too close these days,” Alisha said.

Though even with strict rules on the course, others beg to differ. About a mile away from Haggin Oaks, Eric Zwin had strong opinions about golf courses being open.

“I get people. Their groceries and medicine, that’s essential,” Zwin said. “It’s a risk to people’s health and safety is what it is.”

Still, hundreds flocked to golf courses across Sacramento County on Saturday. People came from as far as the Bay Area, where most golf courses are closed. But many golfers say with this sport, distance comes naturally.

“(You’re) Not in their line of sight, not stepping on their line on the putting green,” Tom Crook said.

Haggin Oaks put up a number of signs promoting social distancing, and in the time CBS13 was there, they constantly reminded people over the intercom to stay 6-feet apart.

Heather Janssen

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  1. Bill G says:

    I truly hate the media and what they have become. This same terrible station was the first to arrive at my daughter’s work place which is the Carlton assisted living facility in Elk Grove when the first 90+ year old woman died there 6-7 weeks ago. They hounded the workers asking them how they felt and if they were scared making several of the workers break down in tears because they were already stressed to the max and now had to deal with disgusting reporters attacking them like rabid dogs.

    Did this station attempt to investigate what the procedures were at these golf courses? NO. They just report they are “packed” and then insert a comment from some nobody who knows nothing about the procedures at the courses either! Who the hell is Eric Zwinn anyway? What does this person even know about any of this? The answer is NOTHING which is exactly what this “reporter” knows about it!

    If you actually did investigate it and talk to the golfers and not some nobody on the street you would have found out that all measures are in place t protect people and that it is more safe than almost anywhere else you can go!

    The check in is one person at a time spaced out by OVER 6 feet, it is touchless, and they have hand sanitizer of you want yo use it when you check in. The rakes are taken out of the sane traps, the carts are single rider only and most people like me are actually walking which is great to see. In addition all doors are propped open and the flagsticks are not only left in the holes when putting but they all either have the cups inverted or have a disc inside the cups so you never have to touch anything but your ball! These golf courses are all 1000 times safer than going into a store of any kind! AND they are keeping people active and mentally healthy. Perhaps Eric Zwinn is just being a crybaby and is simply jealous that he cannot enjoy the same activity while being 100% safe. Hey Eric learn how to play golf and hey Heather, perhaps you can learn how to actually be a reporter and not present such a factually inaccurate pile of garbage.

  2. XYZ says:

    Asking nonsense questions like “how do you feel?” to people involved in a tragedy. The universal response is to want to bop the reporter in the face and ask “how tha eff you think I feel? This is known globally as the stupidest question to ask, I can only surmise this “award winning” reported got her award in a boss’ bedroom. No real reproter goes near that question anymore.

  3. James Clark says:

    At 65, with underlying medical issues forcing me to work from home, playing golf and going to the store are pretty much all my current outside activities. I have to say that going to Haggin Oaks certainly feels a lot safer than going to WalMart. With the acreage of the two golf courses at Haggin Oaks, even pre-pandemic, there has never been an issue with the facility being over crowded. Why other areas have asked their golf courses to close, I really can’t imagine.

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