STOCKTON (CBS13) — The San Joaquin County Sheriff says an inmate who released Friday under the public health order was arrested Tuesday for reportedly attempting to steal a vehicle.

The new statewide protocols amid the coronavirus allowed this suspect to be cited and released Tuesday afternoon.

According to police, 33-year-old Jason Gaul was found inside the vehicle he was trying to steal on West Lane. When officers arrived around 7:30 a.m., Gaul reportedly ignored officers’ commands and resisted when they tried to take him out of the vehicle.

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Gaul was tased and then arrested for vehicle tampering and resisting arrest.

According to a video posted on Facebook by San Joaquin County Sheriff Pat Withrow, Gaul was released from the county jail on Friday as part of the public health order requiring the release of non-violent inmates with less than 60 days left in their sentence.

Withrow said Gaul has four prior convictions for stealing vehicles and was in custody for his fifth. Gaul was out for three days before he was arrested Tuesday.

Due to the $0 bail order, which was enacted last week to reduce the jail populations amid the coronavirus outbreak, Gaul was cited and released Tuesday afternoon.

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