SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY (CBS13) — The San Joaquin County Jail has released 95 people under the state’s emergency zero bail order.

Sheriff Patrick Withrow says it’s a problem because the people released are likely to re-offend.

“We already have five of them that have come back and have been rearrested,” he explained.

He says it’s frustrating because it’s becoming a dangerous cycle that’s putting officers and the community at risk.

An example is a man who was arrested and released multiple times.

“He goes out and steals another vehicle and is brought back in we have to re-release him because of the zero bail and then we arrest him for his seventh time of stealing a vehicle,” he said.

The sheriff says the worst part is the needless number of victims from just one suspect.

“Poor people with their cars getting ruined by this guy stealing them,” the sheriff said.

Safety concerns are growing in Stanislaus County as well where 121 people have been released. The sheriff there tells CBS13 on Friday, deputies had to re-arrest a man accused of vandalism after a relative called 911 saying he was trespassing on their property with a weapon.

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The suspect had been released just four days earlier under the order.

Sheriff Withrow says he recognizes the people being released may be a threat to their communities so he is working with all law enforcement departments in the San Joaquin County to ensure those being released are on their radar.

“Waiting for them to make sure that they behave properly while they are out there that they will not victimize our citizens,” Sheriff Withrow said.