SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As a group of protesters descended on the California State Capitol, Gov. Gavin Newsom urged people to continue social distancing.

“If you’re going to protest, practice physical distancing,” Newsom said when asked about the protest at his daily briefing.

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Protesters arrived at the State Capitol on Monday to call for California’s “shelter-in-place” over the coronavirus to end. The protests have prompted some streets around the building to be closed.

The rally comes as groups in several states gather to protest against ongoing stay-at-home orders.

Even as the federal government has issued their own guidelines for states to meet in order to reopen as the coronavirus ebbs, President Donald Trump seemed to goad protesters to defy stay-at-home orders with expressive “LIBERATION” tweets.

Newsom struck a measured tone, however, urging people to think beyond politics.

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“The worst mistake we can make is making a precipitous decision based on politics and frustration that puts people’s lives at risk and ultimately sets back the cause of economic growth and economic recovery,” Newsom said.

The governor cautioned that other parts of the globe that gave into the pressure of reopening their economies had to pull back again as coronavirus reemerged.

“We must have a health-first focus,” Newsom said.

Newsom said California’s curve is beginning to flatten, but the number of cases is still rising.

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As of early Monday afternoon, according to Johns Hopkins University, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in California is at 31,740 with 1,181 deaths.