SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to address the question on Californians’ minds on Wednesday: when the state’s stay-at-home order will be lifted.

At his press conference on Tuesday, the governor said on Wednesday he and his coronavirus team would “do a deep dive” in one of the six areas of recovery he spoke about previously and provide some answers about when the isolation order would change.

“Tomorrow we will lay out our update as we promised on a weekly basis in those six key areas as part of our roadmap to recovery,” he said. “We have teams that we’ve assembled in each area, and we’ll do a deep dive in one of those areas on testing tracking tracing isolation quarantine,” he added. “This will go to the obvious questions, queries that all of us are asking…when do we see these borders, augmented and when do you see a little bit of a release in the valve?” he said.

Newsom said one of the challenges to easing up on the order is timelines that differ by area, but that progress is being made.



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