By Marlee Ginter

LAND PARK (CBS13) — A trip to the grocery store looks much different than it was two months ago.

You talk to the cashier through plexiglass, or to fellow shoppers through masks. You have to stand back at the register and in some stores, you even have to walk down the aisle in a specific direction. All the rules have changed.

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“I have my hands pretty full, so I left the bags in the car because you can’t bring your own bags in anymore,” said shopper Carlos Brathwaite.

Shoppers like Brathwaite seem to be taking it in stride.

“Too many people are getting sick and we have to take precautions,” said Stephanie Richardson.

“It seems like the stores really clean, that’s all that really matters,” said Monte Dennis.

President and CEO of the California Grocers Association, Ron Fong, says while many of the restrictions will fade, some are here long term.

Fong says the signal to start walking back on all of the new restrictions at grocery stores will ultimately come from the governor. It’s looking like that won’t happen for weeks, if not months or the end of the year.

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”As we go into these next months and the summer months and toward the end of the year, some of those we’ll start relaxing, but not all of them,” said Fong.

Fong says while you’ll eventually get food samples again and will be able to bring the whole family without a limited number of customers allowed in stores, some of these “new norms” will most likely stick around, including the plexiglass between you and the cashier and the increased sanitization at night.

“Things will return to a near-normal at some point, but I think we’ve learned a lot from this pandemic as well and there are procedures that we will keep,” said Fong.

Restaurants will also play a role in things going back to normal at the store.

Right now, food and supplies are limited because more people are eating at home. Once people go back to eating out, the supply chain will even out, including toilet paper.

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“It’s all a learning experience, we’ll have to carry this on and we’ll be able to fight it a lot faster, make us more aware so that’s great,” said Brathwaite.