By Marlee Ginter

DAVIS (CBS13) — As some towns are fighting to reopen and lessen coronavirus restrictions, Yolo County is expected to add a new requirement for residents Friday.

On Thursday, Davis Police posted on social media, “Get ready, Davis. In the coming days, Yolo County will be requiring residents wear face masks in public.“

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“I think when there’s a rule, it’s up to us to respect the rule,” said Dnalie Zaccaria.

There is still no telling what happens if someone doesn’t respect the rule. A Trader Joe’s shopper said he’d refuse to wear a mask and risk getting arrested.

Davis Police stopped short of saying there would be fines or consequences as the mandate is coming from the county.  But Yolo County officials refused to release any details, only posting a daily update on their Facebook page.

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“Tomorrow there is gonna be a lot of stuff that I’ll be talking about. We’re going to be coming out with a new health order, an amendment to the health order and this will all be information that impacting all of us living in Yolo County,” a spokesperson said in the video.

Yolo County wouldn’t be the first to require face masks. San Francisco recently posted a similar mandate requiring everyone to wear something to cover their face whenever they’re in public.

“I think it’s a great idea because I believe that we all have to contribute to what’s going on around us, and it will really keep us safer,” Elke Davidson said.

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While Yolo County is expected to announce the new mask mandate tomorrow, it’s still unclear how or if it will be enforced.