DAVIS (CBS13) – Be sure to mask-up wherever you go starting Monday in Yolo County.

Officials issued a roadmap to recovery for the county during the coronavirus crisis, but to get there everyone must wear new apparel. Here are the dos and don’ts of the new mandate.

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Face coverings in Yolo County will now be required when going to any business – whether you’re picking up takeout, going to the grocery store or even jumping in an Uber.

Just know, if you enter any place that’s open you will be expected to mask up, and expect to see business employees do the same. If anyone refuses to wear a mask, expect to not get service or products and likely be denied entry.

The county will be enforcing businesses to follow the rules and even penalizing those who don’t.

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One Davis business owner says this measure should have been in place weeks ago in the county.

“I think we’re a little behind,” Tad Franks said. “I think we should have had it weeks ago. San Diego and Southern California had it. I think Yolo County is behind getting this in.”

Most businesses will place signs in windows as a reminder.

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As for when you don’t have to mask up, that’s at home, in your car, and outdoors when walking or biking. But you must continue to practice social distancing.