By Anna Giles

LOCKEFORD (CBS13) — Security video shows an unbelievable scene at the Donut Street Cafe in Lockeford.

The cafe owner caught a man smashing her car window and taking off with bath tissue, precious cargo that’s hard for most people to find amid coronavirus panic buying.

The thief struck early Tuesday morning as the cafe owner was getting ready for the day. She tried to scare him off by rapidly hitting the lock and unlock button on her car keys.

Most people would never think twice about leaving toilet paper visible in the car. In the video, you can see the thief grabbing items through a broken window. First the toilet paper, then a brand new pack of Costco trash bags.

“It’s just silly. You can always replace toilet paper with many different things. You don’t have to be that desperate for toilet paper,” said Katherine Keo, the victim’s daughter.

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Keo reported the crime to the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office. She said she got a frantic call from her mom who saw this happening on the security monitor and decided to try and stop the thief.

“She told me at the time she didn’t think about the consequences. He could have a knife and he could have a gun, who knows what he could have,” Keo said.

What’s sad is that this was no surprise to Katherine and her mom. She said before this happened they were already being secretive about their toilet paper purchases.

“I’ve heard so many things like people stealing from Costco. People stealing from different grocery stores. Toilet paper of all things!” Keo said.

True, it’s an item that’s very hard for most people to get. But to go this far? Lockeford locals can’t believe it.

“I hope it’s not a sign of the times. I hope things get back to normal pretty soon,” said Will Haena.