SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento City Unified School District in a 6-1 vote on Thursday night approved the layoffs of 11 teachers as the district attempts to address a $27 million budget deficit that already persisted before the coronavirus pandemic.

The positions affected by these 11 layoffs are three adult education teachers, three physical education teachers, one social science teacher, two computer instructors, one resource teacher and one foreign language teacher.

The district originally reported 12 cuts but confirmed to CBS13 that number was reduced to 11 after discovering it received additional attrition.

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced this past week that the state is projected to have a $54 billion budget deficit, of which SCUSD said the state education system potentially faces $18 billion in cuts.

Of the potential $18 billion in cuts, the SCUSD said that “even in the best case the additional impact to our budget is $9.2 million. That is on top of the $27 million mentioned above. So, in the best case, these projections show we are now facing at least a $36 million deficit in the next fiscal year. Worse case: about $77 million in the next fiscal year.”

The district said it received $16 million coronavirus relief from a $31 billion federal package for schools nationwide, but the aid was not nearly enough to fix an “ongoing structural deficit.”