By Marissa Perlman

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Happy Hour on a Friday in Roseville looks different now.

It’s one of the first and one of the biggest cities in California to be back in business.

If you want condiments you will have to ask and your server sports a mask, all guidelines set in the state’s plan for reopening restaurants. But the nachos, burgers and beer were flowing this Friday for the first time in months.

Goose Port Public House Owner, Al Santos, said, “We will be busy, no doubt about it,” ahead of an anticipated busy Friday night.

Santos said he was anxious preparing for his grand “reopening.” He says Roseville will be the “guinea pig” for putting the state’s standards in place.

“You do worry about crossing the “T’s” and dotting the “I”s” here and there,” he said.

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Santos’ staff had to be trained on the new guidelines. They now need to know when and how often to sanitize the tables and wash their hands. They’ll be handing out disposable silverware and menus, all ready to go.

Plus, he says there are now limits on how many can be served, and where.

“We go six by six, no more than six people, six feet apart,” he said.

Santos says the county inspector stopped by to offer suggestions ahead of a busy Friday.

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“They’re very much working with us,” he said.

Diners say they’re ready to support businesses in town, once again. But for some, safety isn’t top of mind.

“I haven’t been fearful, and I’m so excited to see things move forward,” a customer said.

But for Santos, he says staying healthy for staff and patrons is a priority, and sanitizing the place will be your new normal.

“We also want to make the guest feel, and understand we have their best interest at heart,” he said.

Marissa Perlman

  1. cfb cfb says:

    Get ready for the second wave and three or four months second stay at home. Sailors that were infected on that aircraft carrier are now testing positive again for the virus, after recovering and testing negative. That means no immunity, herd immunity, and a vaccine is far less likely. Unfortunately I got to see video of the “safe” processes of no customers wearing masks, not sitting 6′ apart and hugging each other.

    But hey, lets ignore science and facts so folks can go drink a beer and become infection vectors.

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