SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The pandemic is having a positive impact on California’s highways.  The California Highway Patrol says the number of crashes and DUIs have dropped significantly in the past two months.

The agency says the number of crashes is down 75% from March 19 through April 30, compared to the same time last year. There was also an 88% drop in the number of deaths on the road and a 62% decrease in the number of crash-related injuries.

The number of DUI arrests during March and April fell by nearly 42% from 7,224 in 2019 to 4,223 this year.

But, the CHP noted that some drivers are putting the pedal to the metal. There was a 46% jump in the number of citations for speeders going above 100 miles per hour.

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The CHP Commissioner Warren Stanley wrote in a press release Tuesday,  “Resist the temptation to speed.  Drivers are easier to spot when they are on a nearly empty roadway.”

In April, UC Davis released a traffic study finding the reduced number of crashes is saving the state millions of dollars a day.

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According to the study, the reductions save the state an estimated $40 million per day, about $1 billion over the time period. Those costs include property damage, emergency responses, hospitalizations, and lost time at work.

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  1. XYZ says:

    Fake new – since we spoke to CHP this weekend and the info was very different than what you’re pushing here – CHP staffing is down, the out of control speeding – 90mph reckless crossing all lanes of traffic is EPIDEMIC, they are not even reproting incidents – CHP says they know about the speeding that is worse than March but can’t be out there like they were in March etc. so STOP WITH THE FAKE NEWS.

  2. XYZ says:

    You need to correct your Fake news article CBS, people are being maimed and killed and you’re like all is OK – KCRA reports today: Hit-and-run victim is tragic example of speeding spike during COVID-19 … DO A RETRACTION.

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