SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — California’s zero bail order is leading to rearrests in several counties.

The statewide emergency order sets bail at zero for lower-level offenses was intended to reduce the jail population and limit the spread of coronavirus. While it may have addressed a health concern, it has allowed suspects who may otherwise not have been able to post bail, get out and offend again.

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“Each time that occurs, each time that he is out of custody, that’s new victim right someone’s car is being stolen,” said Sergeant Tess Deterding with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office gives just one example of a suspect arrested and released multiple times.

“Imagine the frustration in knowing this individual would have otherwise been in custody to be held accountable for a crime that they committed prior to being out and victimizing this individual,” Sergeant Deterding said.

With more instances of repeat offenders happening across several counties, CBS13 wanted to know how bad the problem really is.

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“These are quality of life issues and we are concerned about it,” said Sergeant Luke Schwartz with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office

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In Stanislaus County, since the zero bail order was enacted, 65 of the 620 inmates who were released have been rearrested.

“Some of these individuals you are talking about four or five additional re-arrests,” Sergeant Schwartz said.

The frustrations are felt in San Joaquin County too, where 485 inmates were released and 39 were re-arrested. We spoke to the sheriff there who tells CBS13 many times there are multiple victims behind just one arrest.

“Most of the time they do multiple stolen vehicles before they ever get caught,” said San Joaquin County Sheriff Patrick Withrow.

We also checked in with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office. So far 109 inmates have been released of which 5 have been re-arrested.

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