By Velena Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Over 1,000 people descended on Discovery Park in Sacramento, prompting park officials to shut the park down to vehicle traffic. The parking lots were completely full.

“I’ve been locked in the house for the last three months, I’ve got to get out!” said Sam Jay.

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As crowds filled the beach, they left little to no room for social distancing. Despite county orders, instructing people to wear a mask if social distancing is not possible, little to no people wore a face covering.

“It went back to normal rather quickly. unfortunately we still have the pandemic floating around there but people are not heading the messages the CDC and the county health officer,” said Sgt. Elmer G. Marzan.

It was a similar story at Nimbus Flat, where the park temporarily closed hitting a max capacity. People there for the most part did save room for social distancing.

Despite the crowds at Discovery Park, many people seem to not be concerned with potential health risks.

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“I kind of feel if it catches me, it catches me. I just want to live my life, because I was stuck in the house for so long. At some point I got to enjoy myself,” said Jaquille Loggins.

Donna Hunter said she regrets coming down to the beach, after seeing the amount of people. Hunter was one of only a handful of people wearing a mask. After seeing the crowds she came down to the beach to take her kids home.

“I think a lot of people think they are invincible and it’s not going to happen to them,” Hunter explained. “I let my kids come down here and I see all this here, I wouldn’t have come if I had known,” she said.

Park Rangers are concerned for a public health and safety perspective, as well as for their personnel. Sgt. Marzan said they had all hands on deck throughout Memorial Day weekend, to be able to contain the crowds. They have had to issue some citations for people bringing alcohol to the park.

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