By Elizabeth Klinge

COLFAX (CBS13) — Placer County authorities are keeping an eye out for a bear that crashed a conference call in Colfax Tuesday morning.

The large bear took a stroll through town. It was a sight to see and, for some, an entertaining Interruption to the typical morning routine.

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“That was not on the agenda for the morning’s activities,” Adam Bartkoski said.

Working from home got a lot more interesting for Bartkoski Tuesday morning when he saw the bear outside his window during a conference call.

“I said ‘hey guys, I gotta go. There’s a bear in my yard,'” Bartkoski said. 

Probably looking to cool off on a hot day, the bear took a dip in Bartkoski’s fish pond after walking through his patio area. He thought it might have been looking for a snack, but after a quick dip, it wandered on.

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“These are actually goldfish so maybe they’re just not on the menu,” he said. 

Neighbor Alison Bigley was also working from home. She thought she saw a huge dog behind the trees, so she stepped outside to film as officers looked for it.

“It really… it was sneaky it ran fast,” Bigley said. “He was obviously playing hide and seek with the officers.”

After plenty of seeking, authorities say the bear wins this game.

“It’s just kind of par for the course for I think a foothill community like Colfax,” Bartkoski said. “You kinda never know what’s going to happen on a day-to-day basis and that’s why we like living up here.”

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The Placer County Sheriff’s Office says to call its non-emergency line if you happen to see the bear.

Elizabeth Klinge