By Marissa Perlman

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A Stockton father accused of torturing his daughter was arraigned via video conference Wednesday in San Joaquin County.

Billie Williams, 7, was found dead in her family garage on Saturday. Her father, Billy Williams, 30, is now accused of being involved in her death.

Family members were not allowed inside the courtroom, so they took to the court steps to show the judge they think another family member played a role.

“I just want to know what happened to my baby,” said Billie’s mother outside the County Courthouse in Stockton. “She had a fun and beautiful spirit. She’s loving, she didn’t deserve this, she didn’t.”

Billie was living with her father in his home. Her body found inside her family garage on Saturday. Police have not confirmed a cause of death.

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“It’s all about little Billie and finding out what really happened to her,” said her Aunt Jaleesa Davidson.

Her father is facing a laundry list of charges related to her death including battery child abuse and torture. But family is now pointing fingers at another family member, who was also home at the time.

“We put our trust in her and she failed my baby, so she has to go too,” said Billie’s mother.

Family claims the household has a history of abuse and Child Protective Services has had to get involved before. A copy of the criminal complaint shows Williams is also accused of abusing other children.

CBS13 has learned now his other kids were living inside that same house. In court, Williams didn’t enter a plea and was assigned a public defender. He was completely unaware of the support on the steps outside. His mother, Mattie Palmer, who hasn’t seen him since his arrest, says she just wants to see her son’s face.

“I wish I could see my son because I feel like he would open up, and tell the truth. Right now, he is being silenced and everything is being put on him,” said Palmer.

Family members tell CBS13 they’ve reported the abuse to CPS before. CBS13 has reached out to the agency to see if there was a history of abuse, but haven’t heard back.

Stockton Police won’t say if there are more arrests, but do say there is an open investigation.

Marissa Perlman


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