SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Once again Sacramento will take to the streets Friday evening to protest the killing of another black man.

George Floyd died in Minneapolis while in police custody and now local departments in California, including Davis police, are scrambling to denounce the actions of the officers.

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“Our training and our philosophy does not reflect what happened in Minneapolis,” Davis Police Deputy Chief Paul Doroshov said.

Law enforcement expert and former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness says police departments are not trained to act in the manner seen on the viral video.

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“It’s hard to understand why the course of action was taken by the officers. It’s not approved in the state of Minnesota nor anywhere that I can imagine. It looks as though his knee is applying pressure to the carotid artery,” McGinness said.

Civil rights advocate Sonia Lewis says the problem isn’t the departments, but with the individual officers, and is demanding action. Lewis is the founder of the Liberation Collective.

“Training is not the issue. It’s a mindset and it’s a culture. How do we now penalize people who are flagrant in their behaviors?” Lewis said.

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A Black Lives Matter protest is being organized in response to the death of George Floyd. It’s scheduled for tomorrow in Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood.