SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Authorities say nine officers were hurt in the Sacramento protests over the death of George Floyd.

Hundreds of activists gathered in south Sacramento Friday evening to protest the Minneapolis’ man death. Protesters marched from Oak Park to the Sacramento Police Station on Franklin Boulevard.

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The protest remained mostly peaceful throughout the night.

However, Sacramento police say seven officers received minor injures after large items – like bricks and rocks – were thrown at them. Two other California Highway Patrol officers also suffered minor injuries during the protest, the agency said.

One person was arrested by Sacramento police, while another person was arrested by CHP.

Four Sacramento police vehicles also suffered minor damage in the protest, the department says.

Protesters briefly went onto Highway 99, south of 12th Avenue, towards the end of the demonstration, police say.

More protests are planned on Saturday. Several hundred protesters started descending on the California State Capitol late in the morning.

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  1. j b says:

    riot? will the insurance company cover damage from a protest and not a riot? or are you using the wrong word for a political reason? I guess only white people riot when protesting peacefully?

  2. XYZ says:

    There’s a difference between a peaceful protest and a riot, one does not involve insurance companies. Can you guess which one that is? The whole ungoldly mess started with a deranged cop working for a disgusting city and a security guard who knew each other. IT WAS personal, and likely a setup. First degree murder for all 4. But Soros’ Antifa drooled over the prospects to have the US fall from within. Stay safe officers.

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