SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The North Sacramento Chamber of Commerce said they were notified by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department that looters and vandals may potentially descend upon businesses outside of the downtown area on Sunday night.

Officials said authorities are warning businesses to shut down and board up, if necessary.

According to the chamber of commerce, these groups may come to businesses in vans with communication devices and may target box stores, phone businesses, liquor and smoke shops.

Officials warn businesses to report any suspicious activity like loitering and to back away from any suspicious individuals for safety.

On Saturday night, several businesses in downtown Sacramento were looted and vandalized amid the George Floyd protests in the city.

As of Sunday afternoon, the third straight day of protesting has remained largely peaceful and contained to the downtown area near the Capitol and Golden 1 Center.

City leaders also announced on Sunday that there would be no curfew implemented in the city and the national Guard would not be called in unless protests took a more violent turn.


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