SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Several downtown Sacramento stores were hit by looters and more than a dozen people were arrested after protests over the death of George Floyd on Saturday night.

Earlier in the evening, protesters massed outside the Sacramento County Main Jail on I Street. As the protests started getting out of hand – with some of the glass front doors of the jail being smashed – officers set off flashbangs to get the crowd to disperse.

Looters started targeting stores along Sacramento’s downtown core shortly after.

Stores hit by looters include the Macy’s and Kicx Unlimited consignment store at the Downtown Commons, a 7-Eleven nearby, and the Sharif Jewelers along K Street.

Other stores had their windows smashed or were tagged with graffiti.

As officers moved in, looters continued to move down J Street. A BevMo! store was also seen being looted.

Officers reported being pelted with large rocks, bricks and fireworks late into the night.

Amid the looting Saturday night, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg released a statement pleading for calm.

“Destruction is the opposite of righteous protest. Sacramento’s small businesses did not cause our nation’s anguish. What we are witnessing tonight is not what Sacramento stands for,” Steinberg wrote.

Sacramento police say they were able to disperse most of the crowd by around 3 a.m. Sunday.

In total, police say they arrested 18 people.

Saturday night’s protests come a day after nine officers were hurt and two people were arrested in Friday night demonstrations that started in Oak Park.

  1. XYZ says:

    Newspaper article from 1966 Bay Area riots: “The most vivid impression to come out of the riots were the scurrilous attempts by the extreme left wing segments of our county to capitalize on the situation by using the tactics of obscuring the critical and most vital issue that of lawless hoodlumism while trying to strip the cloak of respectability from the black citizen, thus encouraging him to become a tool in their political machinery.” How about the responsible MSM taking a note and try to be responsible, and teach yr. extreme left wing governor THIS responsibilty to the black community.

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