FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — Fairfield police are asking residents to stay home Monday night as they respond to reported looting around the Solano Mall.

In a tweet, police said the looting is happening at the Solano Town Center and Gateway Boulevard.

On Twitter, one user posted a video of heavy machinery being used to break down the doors a Best Buy as crowds gathered.

Police have not released any more details about the looting.

Around midnight Monday, police tweeted an update about rumors of looting in residential areas of Fairfield. Officials said those rumors were false.

There was a strong presence of officers throughout Fairfield Monday night.

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  1. Jane says:

    The protesting apes / monkeys are now driving heavy equipment to break in to and loot stores at the Solano Mall (Best Buy) in honor of George Floyd and it is all because of their love of free stolen stuff and justice.
    What next, America?
    Maybe California will secede from the USA and invite all the rioting simian population to become California citizens.

    1. XYZ says:

      Keep trying to send this to you but they keep deleting – hope this works… www dot newcaliforniastate dot com

    2. XYZ says:

      These riots have been organized by extreme left wing elements since 1966 – Bay Area newspapers that used to be unbiased wrote many articles exposing their direct involvement – and we have been re-posting those articles everywhere – so its been 42 years of this nonsense.It might take 2 election cycles 8 yrs to create New CA – but we have to get started now.

  2. XYZ says:

    Black thugs in fake security guard costumes w/window smashing tools/break in tools that’s what we are supposed to protect? On I-80 last pm vehicles with thugs deliberately ramming white folks, running up to them with 3 inch knives – that’s all allowed, right? MSM fanning flames of social disorder as usual news, as antifa as these criminals. Wait til they come for you.

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